Early Bird do PIZZA

This is urgent news that I must pass on to the Cardiff masses: Early Bird Bakery are now serving up sourdough pizza. 

I know I have already written a blog post on them and posted many breakfast shots on Instagram but the winning addition of Pizza Friday can only mean great things for EB. Yes, every Friday throughout November you can get your hands on some of the wonderful Kaylem’s beautiful sourdough pizza. What’s more is, it’s BYOB which means it’s perfect for you students and also those who work full time but can’t rub two pennies together the week before payday yet love lining your stomach with things other than frozen food from Iceland. I mean, you’re not going to find any £1 chicken nuggets at Early Bird. Instead you can enjoy my favourite of them all, the pesto, feta, artichoke and spinach pizza or the spicy chorizo, bacon and hot sauce or the garlic mushrooms, smoked ham and mascarpone or the Kaylem special of chicken tikka, red onion and sweetcorn and for you fussy eaters (what?) there’s a trusty margherita. All of the pizzas are priced between £8-£12 and given the fact you’re taking your own cheap or expensive plonk AND you’re supporting a young and definitely upcoming baker you’re in for a real treat, crust me. Kaylem is doing an apprenticeship with ACT and is lucky enough to be training in Early Bird. Where better to hone your baking skills eh?

Here is the spicy chorizo, bacon and hot sauce. 

Early Bird is the perfect location for brunch and coffee but with the dark autumnal skies and abundance of tea lights scattered throughout the room and garden it really makes for an atmospheric evening.

The brand spanking new ‘Gram Wall’. 

Pesto, spinach, feta and artichoke. 

What’s even more magnificent is that you can hire the whole place out for your own private pizza party. As long as you spend a minimum of £250 you can eat pizza to your heart’s content and consume as much alcohol as humanely possible when you’re full of sourdough. 

Don’t forget to buy yourself a doughnut too. You deserve it.


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