LDN living: one month in

If you know me well or follow me on any form of social media you’ll already know that I have finally made the move to London. After so many trips to the ‘Big Smoke’ and so many blog posts written with proclamations of my undying love for the city I have actually been a little bit spontaneous. There’s always a first, eh?

I handed my notice in at my job in my home town as I couldn’t face making it to 8 years and managed to wangle an amazing job in an absolute powerhouse of a company which holds a place in London’s history. I still, one month in, can’t believe I am lucky enough to sit at a desk there. I actually wake up happy even though I know there’s a commute on the horizon.

If I get the tube as well as the bus I even get to say hello to Ben every day. Could it be any more London? 

Every little thing about London excites me, the business, the food, the shopping, the history. I love the fact there’s something different to do every single weekend.

We’re lucky enough to be living a short walk away from the Imperial War Museum, Bermondsey, Borough and a little further on is Westminster and the south bank. The brilliant thing is there are SO many free things to do in London, whether it be a walk around a park, a stroll past some of the landmarks or a turn around a museum. I mean, that doesn’t mean we’ve not spent a small fortune since being here but we have just done our first weekly shop. I guess we had to adult at some point.


Imperial War Museum 

Anyway, on to the stuff you really want to read; the food. We’ve tried a fair few places since being here so below you will find a little round up.


I am completely in love with pizza. I love thick crust, thin crust, cauliflower crust, sourdough pizza, stone baked, white pizzas, tomato pizzas. I love all pizza.  Maybe London has a Pizzaholics Anonymous group I can become a member of. I think I need help. We decided to visit the one in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden so we had plenty of options for post-carb drinks to toast to our first Saturday in the city. It’s quite standard in Homeslice, the pizza is £20 for 20 inches of delightfulness or certain pizzas can be eaten by the slice. Who are you people? Just a slice *rolls eyes*.

We decided to have half aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach an Harissa and half xo pig cheek, collard greens and crackling furikake.

Honest Burger

I have been to a few Honest Burgers before and each time I have left feeling full and happy. Now, I know this is a London chain but it’s a great burger chain nonetheless! We both ordered the cauliflower fritter burger which comes with a generous portion of rosemary salted fries. For the amount of food you get, I do think Honest is great value for money.

Bermondsey Arts Club 

BAC is a brilliant cocktail bar in an old underground toilet with some of the best cocktails we’ve ever had and really helpful and friendly staff!

Borough Market

If you haven’t been to Borough Market then you have to bump it up your list for your next visit to the city. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a food feast where you’ll be torn between Pad Thai, vegan burgers, hog roast and a thali box and that’s just to name a few. Not only is it a food feast for the stomach but it’s a feast for the camera. Everywhere you look there’s colourful fruit and vegetables, freshly made food being dished up and bread being baked. The smells that waft out of the market are something you won’t forget! There’s a stall there that I have really fallen in love with called The Big V which is a vegan burger bar with some of the best burgers I’ve eaten. They may be meat and everything else free but my god are they tasty. The first time I came across it I had the sausage sarnie, which is a mountain of a sandwich, with filling and sausage spilling out of the sides of the toasted poppy seed bread. The second time, I went for the spicy chickpea burger which comes with beetroot humous and piles of greens and sprouts.

There’s also the Brindisa shop and the Neal’s Yard Dairy shop to entice you to buy produce to take home for later. We decided to have a little tapas night a few weeks back so stocked up on olives and chorizo, olive bread from Bread Ahead Bakery and a goats cheese so delicious from Neal’s Yard I’ve been dreaming about it every day since.


If you’re in the mood to eat some of the best pasta of your whole entire life then you need to get in the queue for Padella right now. Literally. Put your cuppa down and get on the tube/train/bus. Honestly, this was well worth the hour and a half wait and I’d go back in a second and wait two hours if I had to. I went for the Tagliarini with nettles, a dusting of parmesan and egg yolk and the girls ordered the fettuccine with fennel sausage ragu.


I’d been told about POLPOa few times by a few different people and decided to eat there with my mum over the weekend. Everything we ordered was so lovely but especially the fried olives. If you order anything, make sure you order those balls of goodness. Another point I’d make is not to order too much. We ordered a bigger dish each, a garlic pizza bread, olives, arancini and croquettes and it was way too much for our bellies to handle.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts to come. I’ll make sure I’m eating plenty, just for you 🐸


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