How Bao dat

Since arriving in London I’ve written one measly post. One. Even for me, who’s probably the worst food blogger in the world, one in half a year is pretty bad. 

In the six months I’ve been here I’ve managed to fit in some amazing meals so I will eventually get around to popping them all in a post but for now I’m going to leave you with Mr Bao

I thought I’d seen it all after visiting the infamous Bao in the summer of 2016 but now we live in south London I kept hearing things of Mr Bao in Peckham. Naturally I thought it could never live up to Bao but considering my love for that Taiwanese fluffy white bun I thought why not give it a whirl? We live just a short bus ride away from Peckham anyway so it seemed clear we had to try them and we left feeling full and happy with not a shadow of disappointed in sight. 

Photo: Mr Bao website

The interior is absolutely perfect, it’s incredibly relaxed and just has a welcoming vibe as soon as you step inside. It does help that every staff member had a smile on their face and helped with any questions. 

You get your little order slip and jot down how many of each item you want and job’s a good’un.

We were advised to order two sides and two buns each. Easy. 

Between us we ordered sesame spinach, smacked cucumber, fried chicken and Taiwanese sausage as sides and then a pork belly bao, shiitake mushroom bao and two drunken prawn. 


I’m hardly eating meat these days but couldn’t resist trying everything we ordered. This sausage was the best sausage I’ve ever, ever tried. I hate to say it but it literally was ‘melt in the mouth’. 

This dish is absolutely worth ordering. 

The shiitake mushroom and drunken prawn baos were unbelievably delicious and just bursting with flavour. I couldn’t quite say which I preferred but the prawns were big and juicy… none of this shrimp malarkey. The smacked cucumber was another favourite of mine! We didn’t order the sweet potato fries as that’s something we have quite often anyway but many people around us did. 


I would absolutely recommend a visit to Mr Bao. It might not be Central but that doesn’t take away from how brilliant this little gem is. Plus, you won’t have to queue for three hours and your bank won’t be ringing to ask why you spent a week’s salary in two hours. GO GO GO and order everything. They also do brunch which I plan to try ASAP so I’ll keep you posted. 

Mr Bao

293 Rye Lane, 


SE15 4UA 


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